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Butterfly Valves

Series 200 Butterfly Valve

Unique, angle-disc butterfly valves available in both resilient-seated (Series R200) and metal-lined (Series M200) designs. Feature bi-directional, positive shutoff to 200 psig working pressure. Angle disc provides 360° uninterrupted differential sealing surface.

  • Double-shaft seals and body bushings assure smooth, low-torque operation
  • Independent flange seals
  • Rigid-backed rubber seat easily field-replaced
  • Non-wetted body available in lug or wafer designs
  • Rigid drive, precision disc-to-shaft connection
  • Available with a full range of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuation
  • Resilient-seated design (R200) offered in a wide variety of elastomeric seals and metallic materials
  • Metal-lined design (M200) provides positive shut-off with minimum sealing material
  • Series M200 available in Hastelloy®, titanium and many other unique alloys

Series 285 Butterfly Valve

Exclusive, angle-disc butterfly valves provide bi-directional, positive shutoff to ANSI 150 standards (285 psig). Uses a rigid-drive, precision disc-to-shaft connection without load-bearing fasteners in the flowstream. Available in both resilient-seated and metal-lined configurations.

  • Angle disc with 360° uninterrupted differential sealing surface
  • Double-shaft seals and shaft bushings assure smooth, low-torque operation
  • Non-wetted body available in lug or wafer designs
  • Offered with a variety of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuation
  • Series M285 valves are available in several grades of bronze, SST and high alloys such as Monel®, Inconel® and titanium.

Auto-Mate Butterfly Valves

Provide all of the performance advantages of Norris butterfly valves in a convenient configuration that saves time and money when installing, actuating or maintaining them.

  • Standard mounting flange with multiple ISO mounting patterns adds versatility and reduces inventory requirements
  • Square and double D shafts simplify use with a variety of actuators
  • Hold plate provides positive seal retention, independent of the actuator
  • Valve can be installed in open or closed position
  • Worn valves are rebuilt using only a wrench and screwdriver
  • Rigid-backed rubber seats are easily replaced in the field
  • Shaft retention screws offer added safety while servicing the valve

Series 2G Diaphragm Actuators

Designed for snap or throttling service (when used with a positioner). Available in four size ranges with torque output to 17,000 in. lbs.

  • Spring-return or double-acting
  • Spring Rotation from clockwise to counter-clockwise is field-reversible
  • Easily adapted to various mounting styles and shaft types
  • Can be actuated with as little as 10 psig supply air
  • Adaptable to water or oil as the supply source
  • Wide range of switches, positioners and other accessories can be mounted

Manual Handles, Gear Operators and Accessories

"How To" Guide for Norris Series 200 and Series 285 Butterfly Valves

A comprehensive manual that describes how to:

  • Select and specify 200 psi and 285 psi butterfly valves
  • Select trim
  • Install Norris butterfly valves
  • Service Norris butterfly valves

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